COA President shall be directly elected by Architects of India.

COA President shall be directly elected by Architects of India.

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Justice for Architects started this petition to COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTURE and

After NEP being adopted by Union cabinet. There is new problem we Architects have found ourselves in and that is, we are not recognized amongst professionals but as technical education.

We architects have an Act, regulation, ethics code, rules and regulation and Council has always stated to us that we are here to protect normal public from misconduct of architects. With so much professional code to follow and still not being amongst professionals feels like we have been cheated.

After supreme court judgement which took away our exclusivity over "Architectural Practice", our exclusion from "Professionals" in NEP is glaring and painful. If we further look into the background of our 1983 Minimum standards of Architecture education Regulations, we will realize our course structure is defined as 3+2 model of stage(I) and stage(II), similar to other professionals such as Lawyers, Journalists, etc.

The regulation says 

3. Duration and Stages of the Course

(1) The architecture course shall be of minimum duration of 5 academic years or 10 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each inclusive of six months/one semester of approximately 16 working weeks of practical training after the first stage in a professional office.

(2) The architecture course may be conducted in two stages.

(3) The first 3 academic years / 6 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each of the course shall be a basic standard course and shall be the first stage: Provided that candidates admitted to the course shall complete the first stage within 5 years of admission to the course. 

the above clause clearly makes a case that in 3+2 structure a student must complete the first 3 years of stage (I) and then enter in next 2 years of  stage (II). This is in line with standard dual degrees adopted in any Professional education like Lawyers, CA's etc. Which means in Architecture education as well, the regulation makes a case for mid-level degree after 3 years in Architecture education.

It is astonishing that since 1983, we failed to get any degree recognized by UGC to allow a 3rd year passed out to migrate to different schools or specialization as he/she pleases.

This mid-level degree is the cornerstone of any Professional education across India, by not using the regulation and not giving any Mid-level degree we effectively pulled Architecture education out of "Professional" education and made it one and only 5 years Technical education existent in India.

Further looking in UGC grouping B.Arch. is listed in group of Technical degrees and in NEP too B.Arch. is part of technical education. 

Today Architects are only people who in spite of having an Act, regulation and code of practice, 5 years of education, entrance exams and proposed exit exams are not listed as "Professionals" and are the only ones who do not have exclusive right to practice Architecture.

This injustice is not a result of ignorance of few days, or months but years and decades. In these many decades many Presidents came and went away but none of them decided to put focus on real reforms of Architecture education already enshrined in our 1983 regulation, reading it correctly.

When I started looking for this reason, I realized the elections in Council are a closed affair which do not demand voting from a normal Architect, but a selected groups of individuals vote amongst themselves to elect themselves. If we will further look upon this club of Individuals and sets they belong to, we will further realize, they dont even represent 20% of Architects in India, in fact much less than that.

Such undemocratic selection of people have been taking decisions about fate of Architects for decades and its time to end this private club.

Unless the President of Council of Architecture is not directly elected by Architects of country, we will not be heard and real representatives wont find their place in decision making. 

Until the Council elections dont become directly representative of Architects of the country, we will see sinking of our profession day by day.

Its time to change that hence this petition.






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