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The town of Oakville must declare a state of emergency!

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COVID-19 coronavirus is ravaging the world.  Ontario enacted a declaration of emergency to protect public health, on March 17th, 2020.  As of March 22nd, the coronavirus cases in Canada are at least 1400 with 18 deaths.  In Ontario, that looks like 424 cases including 3 deaths and the numbers are climbing rapidly.  So far, there have been 11 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Halton Region.  Our leaders have said these are unprecedented times and that all solutions are on the table.  Our neighbouring cities (Burlington) have declared emergencies, so now is the time for Oakville to follow suit.

Unfortunately, not all citizens and non-essential businesses are taking health & safety precautions (i.e. social distancing, self-isolation / quarantine, closures, etc.)

Our Oakville town Councillors must DECLARE AN EMERGENCY under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, which protects the health, safety and welfare of people in times of emergencies.  A community control group (health officials) must exist as part of an emergency management plan.  By declaring an emergency, all citizens will be made aware of how important this is and in turn, behave more responsibly.  Most importantly, Councillors and Health officials would be given the flexibility and additional authority they need to make crucial decisions in response to our current health crisis – bypassing regular processes to implement important decisions faster.  Also, it could increase the likelihood of receiving funding quickly from provincial and federal sources to help Oakville combat this deadly virus, on the front-lines.  Our health workers and patients deserve protection.

Sign and share the petition to ensure the town of Oakville councillors unanimously vote to enact an order to DECLARE AN EMERGENCY! By doing this, our citizens will be safer, and more effective change can occur that will ultimately save lives.