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Council : Make the Straggler Daisy the State Flower of Austin

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There is no better symbol for Austin than the Straggler Daisy.

Just the name alone should be enough - but as a substitute for lawn grass, it just gets better:


The Straggler Daisy (Calyptocarpus vialis) is one of the few native Austinites actually born here.  It did not come here just to attend UT or take advantage of the real estate market to develop a piece of limestone encrusted crapitecture.  It just likes to hang out at Barton Springs and soak in some rays and occasionally make an appearance on the Drag.  And it's been doing that for about 15 million years.  Hard core.

Water Conservation

Some may dismiss the Daisy as a weed but simply put, it's superior ground cover for all types of yards - large or small, shaded or sunny.  A whole lawn of Straggler Daisies is a beautiful sight and it can go the whole year without needing more water than the average annual rain fall.  Compared to a lawn of non-native grasses that require an inordinate amount of our water supply to be piped in (22 Billion gallons per year!), it's a substantial difference.   The amount of water consumed by the popular St. Augustine grass planted by sillyheads is, well, insane and the reason over a third of our drinking water is dumped onto our front yards.  (Yes, people of the future - who are reading this in a hundred years - we used to dump drinking water onto our front yards* (instead of your superior Brawndo (tm) product))

The Straggler Daisy Abides

Plus, if not watered superfluously, there's no need to mow it.  Add extra water and you'll get more Daisy than you need.  Let Mother Nature handle the watering and the Straggler Daisy abides and virtually mows itself - twice a year.  And that is all necessary.  It's a slow growing plant.  When there's just too much heat, it knows how to keep cool and lay low (under 5 inches).  And again in a freeze, it will just chill out.  Copacetic.

Wild Flowers

Still don't want Straggler Daisies for your front lawn?  It'd be a lot cooler if you did.  That's because there's a bonus to not mowing a lawn: wild flowers. They get to grow, naturally.  Like Violet Wild Petunias, Poppies, even Mealy Sage?, Bluebonnets?  Who knows what kind of bud you'll get!

(For those of you who are already into the idea here are a few tips:  First, the Straggler Daisy also goes by the alias "Horse Herb."  Secondly, the real confusion and secret to cultivating a great lawn of Straggler Daisy is not to get duped by the similar looking Sida spinosa.  Spinosa!  I'm watching you, man.  It tries to look like the Straggler Daisy but before you know it, it's really high.  That ain't cool, man.  Where can you score some Daisy?  Ask your local nursery.  Or you probably already have some in your yard somewhere.  Stop pulling it like a weed and stop watering the non-native junk.)

Let's give the Straggler Daisy the recognition it deserves.  

Let's make the Straggler Daisy the State Flower of Austin!

David Conley

(*Statistically, some of you are still not on board with me here.  The rest of you can go after you sign the petition.  Ok, now you there, dear reader, let's talk.  The City of Austin is currently looking at recycling our wastewater so we can drink it.  That's right, the stuff you just flushed this morning is going to end up being your drinking water at the end of the day - all so you can keep your suburban life style.  Yes.  And for what?  A lawn of St. Augustine? Or Bemuda grass? Seriously?  They aren't even from Texas.  Don't let those greedy carpetbaggers bogart your fresh drinking water.  And stop growing a lawn that screams "I don't have any idea what I'm doing  because I want my house to look like it's from Tuscany and my lawn to look like it's from Scotland."  Dude, this ain't Tuscany or Scotland.  It's Texas.)



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