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Council for Estate Agencies (CEA): Impose GST as non-negotiable and compulsory payable by all consumers

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Dear CEA,
A growing number of Singapore property agents are being forced to absorb the GST on their rental fees because an increasing number of landlords are refusing to pay. This is not right.

GST isn't and shouldn't be an optional extra but it seems like every time when a rental is transacted, realtors will be arguing with the landlord to pay their GST. Invariably these landlord and consumers get their own way but why should realtors subsidise them at all? It's not like anyone can go shopping and tell the cashier “I don't pay GST”. It's really wrong and unfair!

IRAS says: “All GST-registered businesses have to charge GST on the sale of goods or the provision of services. They are required to quote GST-inclusive prices, whether written or verbal, to their customers. The above principle applies to the services that GST-registered property agents provide in arranging or brokering property transactions.”

CEA was established to increase the professionalism of the Singapore real estate industry. Give realtors the fair treatment, and see it improve significantly & automatically.

We ask that CEA impose GST as non-negotiable and compulsory for ALL consumers on ALL transactions to pay their rightful GST when paying commission to realtors. Not as advisory it should be paid, but By Law to be paid.


Dear Realtors,
I know most, if not all of you must've been in such similar situations before:

1) If you do not absorb GST, you will be rejected to market the property

2) If you do not absorb GST, your offer gets rejected(Even when verbally accepted)

3) If you do not absorb GST, you will lose the deal you have worked for weeks

4) If you do not absorb GST, you get accused for being unprofessional

5) If you do not absorb GST, the consumer threaten to call off the deal

6) If you do not absorb GST, the consumer says you're stingy, greedy, ungracious.
.... and (too) many more.

I long for the day we could avoid the arguements and negotiations with the GST. I'm sure we all do. Then I decided, enough is enough. Why should I sit back and allow such unfairness to continue? This is not acceptable. Therefore, I'm asking everyone to support and sign this petition and send this petition to CEA for them to take action.

Please support this. Spread the word of this petition with all your fellow realtor colleagues and team mates and ask they give their support. Do not allow such unfairness to continue with it. I decided to take action as I feel doing nothing is going to increase the number of consumers who will make us pay their taxes.

A few years from now, let's all be able to say: "Today can happen because I was part of the cause. So glad I took action back then to make this happen."


Thank you for reading this petition.

Jason Lim

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