Clean up our country roads and save more lives!!

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The shrubs and bushes have gotten out of control on our country roads and something needs to be done to save lives. Kangaroos and other wildlife is impossible to see until the last minute which can potentially be fatal. 

My goal is to spread the issue around and hopefully with the help of everyone the council will start cleaning up the sides of our roads so that we can see beyond the white lines of the road and we can all be more aware of what’s around us so that we can see it before it’s too late. The main issues with our roads are:

  • Over grown bushes
  • Shrubs growing onto the road
  • Unable to see past the white lines on the road
  • 7/10 times you won’t see Kangaroos and other wildlife until your too close and it could be too late

The reason behind this.... My father was involved in a fatal car accident 3 weeks ago on Moore Road, West Dardanup. A kangaroo jumped out in front of him causing him to hit a tree. If anyone knew my dad they would know how much of a good driver he was. He had a lot of experience and I found it hard to believe it was a kangaroo myself, but after seeing the car and the crash site I have finally bought myself to realise what has actually happened. I just want to mention before everyone assumes he was “speeding” that we NEVER drove faster than 70km/h on the roads out that way (the speed limit is 80km/h). We use these roads daily and each time we are guaranteed to see a kangaroo if not lots of them. We know what the roads are like and we never want to risk anything so we stay at least 10km/h UNDER the actual speed limit. Unfortunately my dad passed away at the scene due to the impact, but if we all come together we can make a change and help save other people’s lives. 

It may be too late to save my fathers life, but it’s not too late to save someone else. So please just take a minute to sign this and help save someone else. Just remember that someone else could be your loved one.... 

Thank You