Clean air please? Change the laws around smoking in residential properties

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Laws at the moment state that you cannot smoke in cafes, outside buildings meters to the door, bus stops, beaches, balconies of apartment complex all because these places are close to other people.

However there is no law that says you cannot smoke on the balcony of a townhouse, or right next to someone's house. Our neighbours on both sides and at the back all, smoke and it constantly floods through our home (including the bedroom and kitchen). There is NOTHING I can do about this, apart from asking to not do this, which they all decline saying it's not against the law.

Clean air should be available for everyone and passive smoking does just as much damage as smoking. I choose not to smoke yet have no choice on not breathing this poison, even in my own home.

Help me change the law and create change to make the air cleaner and give home owners (not just apartment dwellers ) rights to a smoke free environment.