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We are working to have Cambridge use Ranked Ballot Voting for local elections. We are proposing this small, simple change to ensure that our elected officials have majority support and to make elections more fair, diverse, inclusive and friendly

Ranked Ballot Voting is already being used in Canada and is fully approved by the Provincial Government. With 200 polling stations being closed in Cambridge’s 2010 election and with the introduction of internet and phone voting for the 2014 elections, it is time that Cambridge supports fair voting, and moves forward with Ranked Ballots.

Municipal Affairs and Housing states that by giving voters more choice, ranked ballots may also:

  • reduce strategic voting, which may occur when a voter decides not to pick their first choice candidate in an election because they think their first choice candidate may not win the election
  • reduce negative campaigning — since voters can rank multiple candidates, there is an incentive for candidates to appeal to voters not just as a first preference vote, but also to gain a high ranking from supporters of other candidates
  • encourage more candidates to remain in the race until voting day, since the threat of “splitting the vote” between like-minded candidates is reduced

Our goal is to have Cambridge City Council adopt Ranked Ballots in time for the 2018 municipal elections.

How can you help?

First and foremost PLEASE sign the petition!  This way we can show everyone just how much support there is for this change. Then share this petition with your family and friends.

The Honourable Ted McMeekin, Bryan May MP, Kathryn McGarry MPP, Mayor Doug Craig, City of Cambridge Councillors:

We the undersigned ask that Council formally submit a request to permit the City of Cambridge, in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, to use ranked ballots voting in the 2018 municipal elections.

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