Tell City of Boulder to Build a Single Path, Boulder Creek to Gunbarrel

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City of Boulder (CoB) is planning a Mult-Use path through Open Space, connecting Airport Blvd to Andrus Road near 63rd St and Jay. The guiding principle of their plan was to push a path as far north of the Boulder Creek floodplain. This dictate prevented them from considering a connection between the Valmont Boulder Creek Path (BCP) to 63rd St, following Boulder Creek. As a consequence they've made a plan that scars the old pastures east and west of 61st St and DOES NOT connect riders from Gunbarrel to the BCP. 

A Single Path (shown in photo) connecting 63rd ST should be built running along Boulder Creek, crossing under the bridge at 61st ST,  to the BCP just west of Valmont and Butte Mill Rd . (

Objections to the CoB plan are:
It requires cutting thru the ancient pastures instead of using old farm roads.
It does not connect cyclists to where they want to go.
Cyclists must continue riding along 61st ST to reach BCP
Zero outreach to the community of users during the 10 year planning phase.
Requires major infrastructure at increased cost:3 paths to connect BCP and 63rd St, a bridge over Boulder Creek, an underpass for 61st St, new fencing along the pasture intersections

The Single Path has the following advantages over the CoB plan:

It does not scar the pastures along 61st ST, uses existing mining roads.
It does not intersect any wetlands or riparian areas.
It does not require an at grade crossing or underpass at 61st ST.
It does not require 3 paths with negotiated access to the tracks and frontage on 61st ST.
It does not require upgraded crossing at Valmont and Butte Mill.
It does not require a path bridge for east/west travel over Boulder Creek along 61st ST.
It does not force cyclists who want to go to BCP to ride along 61st ST.
(Even with all 3 paths cyclists will still have to cross 61st ST near Valmont with the CoB plan)
It does not require fencing the west, north and east borders of the Straty/Klein pasture.
It does not bisect the East Pasture also requiring new fencing.
It will cost much less that the 3 CoB paths.

The CoB planners given the dictates to "keep the path as far north of the creek as possible" and to "minimize the impact on wildlife and the environment" did achieve their first goal: the CoB plan runs as far as possible from the Boulder Creek floodplain. However it does not minimize ecological impact and it totally ignores the desire and safety of cyclists who ride to/from BCP to 63rd ST. Their long term plan is to build 3 separate paths requiring massive re-fencing and other infrastructure improvements, probably costing the CoB taxpayer 3-5 times more than the single path option.

Please contact the Mayor, the City Manager and CoB Council members asking them to build the Single Path.

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