Bin collections

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I would like to start a petition in regards to bins been emptied every fortnight. I believe this is not enough, there are large family's and people with health issues that this is effecting. In a result of bins being emptied once every 2 weeks our streets are smelling there attracting flies into houses, bin overflows which results us to have to keep rubbish in our house till it's emptied or leads us to putting them on the street which were then fined for even though the problem isn't in our hands, and the biggest problem is maggots on our bins and pavements,There are vunrable children playing on the streets and could easily lead to bigger problems. I believe this is not acceptable and there needs be more bin collections, I understand the plan to save the planet from pollution etc, however pollution is never going to end it is a natural thing, and can not be solved by anyone, and an extra bin collection isn't going to effect the planet any More than what it is.