Bainbridge Island City Council - Make our roadways your top public safety priority.

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Bainbridge Island is facing a public safety crisis when it comes to transportation. For years funding for basic roadway maintenance was reduced or even fully eliminated.  While the current council and administration are doing better in this area we are faced with significant obstacles to making our island a safer, healthier and even more vibrant place to live.  An ever growing number of cars and trucks on our narrow, busy roadways are creating very unsafe conditions for all users whether they travel by car, bike or on foot. Many of our busiest roads have a patchwork of shoulders that end suddenly with a crumbling fog line.  Our sidewalk on Madison Avenue isn't built to accommodate users in wheelchairs so they end up traveling in the bike lane.  

This petition calls upon our leadership at the City, both the Council and the Administration, to make safe transportation options for all users the number one public safety priority as they consider both the upcoming 2017/2018 budget and any forthcoming bond measures.  Signing this petition will send a clear message to our leaders that we want adequate and timely funding to implement our excellent transportation plans, rather than have them sitting on a shelf. Better roads and more transit, pedestrian and biking facilities are not only a public safety issue, they go to the heart of making our city a more economically and socially diverse, healthier, and ultimately a more tightly knit community. Research shows that communities with excellent transportation options are healthier and happier.  

We have unique opportunities to make our island even better than it is now. Visualize separated pathways or a complete network of shoulders on our busiest roads. Imagine sending your child to school by foot or bike without fear.  Signing this petition is one step towards implementing that vision. 

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John Grinter 

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