Cottage Grove Infrastructure - City of Houston, Texas

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Jeffrey Dupuis
Jeffrey Dupuis signed this petition

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council Representatives,

We, the residents of Cottage Grove, demand that the City of Houston allocate funds for the immediate reconstruction of our neighborhood streets.  Our main concerns are: narrow thoroughfares, insufficient drainage (frequent flooding), virtually no parking, piecemeal sidewalks and dangerous open ditches.  All of these factors pose a serious public safety issue and need to be addressed by: widening of the streets (with curbside parking), complete and continuous sidewalks, closed drainage (storm sewers), and resurfacing.

With the rapid growth and revitalization of established neighborhoods, such as Cottage Grove, the City of Houston has done nothing to reinvest large increases in tax revenue back into the local infrastructure.  The condition of the streets, sidewalks, and drainage systems in this neighborhood are well below the State of Texas' standards for what is considered functional or safe.  The city’s current solution of attempting to fund the reconstruction project through the ‘Rebuild Houston’ program has both an unacceptable time frame for completion and unacceptable criteria for approval.  We demand that our tax dollars go directly to the reconstruction of our neighborhood streets and that we are presented with a solution within a reasonable time frame.


The Residents of Cottage Grove