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Make Costco Breastfeeding friendly

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This petition is intended to bring awareness to Costco Canada about the need to accommodate their breastfeedimg customers. Not just for mothers who breastfeed but also for the mothers who require a quiet area to sit & bottle feed their babies when the need arises. My ultimate goal with this petition would be for all Costcos across Canada to eventually become breastfeeding friendly, specifically the existing Costco in the East end of St. John's. More importantly, when they relocate to the new planned location at the Galway development in the West End. 

I have been to Costco many times in the past but always with a family member or friend. This past week after a busy afternoon of running errands, I went to Costco with my infant son & purchased a new membership. I then went to the rest room to change him & realized he was beginning to grow hungry. I asked an employee where I could nurse him & she suggested the first aid room, as they didn't have a designated area. She briefly spoke to her manager who then came over & told me he could not give up his first aid for safety reasons. Fair enough. However there were also no tables in the crowded lunch area. He did not offer any suggestion for a solution nor did he try & accommodate me in any way. I had no choice but to leave the store before even getting to shop. On my way out, I passed by a family leaving their table so I took a seat & nursed my son in the middle of everyone. No mother should be forced to leave the store or to go to their car to nurse while taking whatever children they have with them, sit at a furniature display, the pharmacy or any other such area. This is a customer need that is not currently being met that I hope Costco Canada takes into serious consideration.

After my trip to Costco that day, I later made a post to a Nfld Facebook breastfeeding group that has roughly 4000 members asking them what they do in such situations. I was amazed at the number of women who say they get comfortable on whatever furniature display they can find or sit on the chairs at the pharmacy counter. However, there are many mothers out there who are far to shy or uncomfortable to nurse in such a public area. Breastfeeding may not have been a big thing 20 years ago during the planning of the existing Costco, but I'm happy to report that now in 2017, it is. Breastfeeding is no walk in the park & can be very difficult & discouraging at times. As a long time advocate, I feel the need to use my voice to speak for all the other mothers when I say Costco Canada, this is something that is desperately needed in your stores. I can promise that it will be greatly valued & appreciated by your loyal customers who pay their membership year after year to continue to shop at your store. A shopping trip to Costco can be both hectic & time consuming as it is often a one stop shop for many, especially the busy mother. Try coupling that will with additional children & a crying, hungry baby & things can get very overwhelming, very fast.

Costco is a wonderful store that is enjoyed by many but like anything, there is always room for improvement. An area for mothers to feed their babies would be a huge asset. All I'm suggesting is a small dedicated area with maybe a couch or some chairs as some other stores out there currently offer.

To anyone reading this, I thank you for your time. Please do myself & other mothers a favor by signing & sharing this petition, it would be greatly appreciated.

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