Get Costco to offer Hawaiian pizza in their food courts

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Costco should offer baked Hawaiian pizza in their food courts. They regularly sell unbaked Hawaiian pizzas in their warehouses but not baked ones in their food courts, and Costco's pizza tastes so much better when baked in their pizza oven than in a conventional oven.

And let's face it - Hawaiian pizza is divisive! People either love it or hate it because of the pineapple. I LOVE it but the rest of my family hates it so I never get it since I’m not going to get a whole pizza for just myself. Costco could solve this problem, however, by offering Hawaiian pizza in their food court. I could get a whole pepperoni for my family and a slice or two of Hawaiian for myself. 

If you have more than one Hawaiian pizza lover but not enough to eat an entire Hawaiian pizza, you would have the option of ordering a whole pizza with half Hawaiian and half of another type. So no matter how you slice it everybody ends up happy!  :)

I’m sure I’m not alone in this desire to have Costco offer baked Hawaiian pizza in their food courts. I wouldn’t be surprised if it outsells their combination and cheese pizzas if they started offering it. Please support this effort by spreading this petition with others. Mahalo!!!