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Costco, Superstore, Walmart, Pet Smart and Target: RESTORE OUR TRUST

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My Beloved Ella died at 3 ½ months of age after consuming Chicken Jerky Treats made in China. Over 2200 dogs have suffered, some have died, and some have survived but are left with Kidney Problems as a result of eating these treats.

I knew nothing of the dangers of chicken jerky treats from China when I bought the package of Waggin' Train dog treats at a local Costco Store as a special treat for my sweet and happy French Mastiff, Ella. There was no warning on the package nor was there any warning posted on the shelf where I found them. Within days after eating the Waggin’ Train chicken jerky, Ella was showing signs of being sick.

Not knowing the chicken treats could be the problem, I gave her two or three more treats and she had a violent reaction that came on right after she finished eating them.  One minute she was eating and the next she was vomiting uncontrollably. It was a long night; Ella couldn’t even keep down water, so I went to the computer to see if I could find out what was making her sick. Before this, Ella was a very healthy little girl. A day later our beautiful Ella had died. We could not believe it. Our Beloved Ella was gone. I had an Autopsy done in order to find out what had killed my dog.

The evening Ella died; I went back to my computer and did a search trying to find out more information about “WHAT KILLED MY DOG?" That's when I learned -- too late -- about the ongoing investigation by the FDA, and the hundreds of stories about dogs becoming ill and dying after eating Chicken Jerky treats made in China. A page on Facebook, Animal Parents against Pet Treats and Food Made in China, gave me information about people, like me, that did not know the dangers of these treats and whose dogs had become sick, or like Ella, had died as a result of eating them. I only bought them because the label said Purina and that it had been ‘Made in Canada.’ The autopsy revealed that Ella was indeed a very healthy little girl, nothing out of the ordinary, no infections, no Parvovirus, and no reason for her to have died. All her organs were healthy; the only thing that could have killed her was what she had eaten.

I FEEL SO BETRAYED! I feel betrayed by the makers of the dangerous treats who refuse to acknowledge that there is any problem with a product that has already generated more than 2200 complaints with the FDA.

I feel betrayed by the FDA, which is supposed to be responsible for protecting the public health and assuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, but has not yet forced a recall.

Most of all, I feel betrayed by COSTCO, SUPERSTORE, PET SMART AND WALMART, the stores where I Had PURCHASED THESE TREATS FOR ELLA. The product that killed my dog is still on their shelves! I can't believe these dangerous treats are still being sold on the shelves of stores everywhere, putting even more pets at risk. Now I have learned that ANY type of jerky treat from China is dangerous!

People trust their favorite stores and companies to sell them safe products. I trusted Costco, Pet Smart, Walmart and Superstore.  Ella trusted me, and Ella paid for it with her life.


Please help me by telling Costco, Superstore, Walmart and Pet Smart, where I purchased the treats that killed my best friend, and other major retailers that continue to sell these dangerous products that we need them to restore our trust in them. Tell them that we need to trust them to protect us, our families and our pets by taking jerky treats made in China off their shelves.

If enough stores take these treats off their shelves, fewer people will unknowingly feed their best friends dangerous treats. Companies like Nestle Purina, the makers of Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek, and Del Monte, the makers of Milo’s Kitchen will have to start paying attention. Too many people and dogs have suffered already.

When you sign this petition, your signature will be sent to Costco, Superstore, Pet Smart, Target, and Wal-Mart. Please leave a comment telling your favorite stores to take these dangerous dog treats off the shelves so you can TRUST them again. Remember, this could happen to you or to one of your loved ones, please help stop the pain and suffering and deaths of our Beloved Pets!



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