Save the Costco Polish Dog

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For tens of years the food menu at Costco has brought joy into the hearts and stomachs of millions by way of the most delicious encased meat commercially available: the Polish Dog. Like it’s inferior but equally tantalizing sibling, the hot dog, this meaty treat has consistently provided worthy sustenance to shoppers, children, and anyone else with $1.50 in their pocket and a rumble in their tummy.

Now, without warning or compassion, the top brass at Costco have snatched this tradition from the bulk-buying consumers of America. Gone is the Polish Dog, ripped from the menu and replaced with “food” items so horrifyingly tragic that I am wiping away tears even as I type this.... fruit bowl, salad, and an organic something or other. I know, I know... take a moment to let that sink in. Continue reading when you’ve composed yourself.

This decision personally made by Costco CEO W. Craig Jelinek has killed a decades long tradition in one fell swoop, and cast an ominous dark shadow what seemed like an otherwise pretty good summer.

BUT... it doesn’t have to be this way. Together we can make a difference and bring back the beloved Polish Dog and preserve the cherished memories that come with it. Sign this petition. Show the tyrants at Costco HQ that this act of despotism will not go unchallanged. The future is unwritten. Change starts with you! Together our voices can be heard and as one we can restore humanity. #SaveTheCostcoPolishDog

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