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Petitioning Costco's CEO Jim Sinegal

Costco, just say NO to wholesale ocean destruction


Costco is starting to make real progress and we're getting closer to our goal of helping the company transform into a true industry leader when it comes to sustainable seafood. As one of North America's largest seafood retailers, Costco has the power to make a significant difference and to help to heal our oceans... if they change their ways!

Please take action today: Tell the CEO of Costco Corporation, Mr. James Sinegal, that the company must stop selling key red list species, such as orange roughy or Chilean sea bass, permanently. No loopholes, no excuses. If Costco is going to develop a true comprehensive sustainable seafood policy, this is how it starts -- with bold and effective action, not slippery talk.

Letter to
Costco's CEO Jim Sinegal
I'm encouraged to hear that Costco is starting to make real progress with regard to its seafood operation.

However, to make a significant difference and help heal our oceans once and for all, there are a few things your company must do. First, you need to publicly state that you will not restock key red list species like orange roughy or Chilean sea bass, period. No loopholes. Second, you have to continue to develop a comprehensive sustainable seafood policy. And finally, you need to become a leader in the seafood industry by standing up for the oceans.

I'm confident that Costco can do all of these things and look forward to your response. It's time to start protecting the oceans, and not your image.

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