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Embossing: The First Step To A Cleaner Environment

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Big water bottle companies like Kirkland use plastic wrappings around their bottles. Those wrappers are so pointless, yet they are such a big threat to our environment. These water bottle companies keep adding to the waste of the world, and although it’s difficult to get rid of all the plastic bottles in the world, we can start by getting rid of the plastic labels.

That wrapping around the bottle is something so small that causes so much harm to the environment, but it can easily be solved. The solution to this problem is embossing the plastic bottle with the brand’s name. Embossing is an easy procedure where the plastic is pressed in a certain way so that it’s left imprinted with a certain design. Not only is this a start to getting rid of plastic bottles, it is also more efficient because companies could stop spending money on those plastic labels.

These companies are causing so much harm to our planet, and are contaminating our oceans, and no one can come up with a solution. Eighty percent of water bottles we buy end up in landfills, and are left there to contaminate our planet. Coming up with a solution to get rid of plastic water bottles is extremely difficult, but starting to emboss can lead to a greener and healthier environment.


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