Save newly qualified Scottish teachers jobs

Save newly qualified Scottish teachers jobs

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Across Scotland, hundreds of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) who have been working hard throughout the pandemic to provide an online education for our children, have been told that there are no longer jobs for them and are at best being put onto supply lists - effectively zero hour contracts for teachers, with no guarantee of work, or in many cases being offered nothing. 

If you have children who attend a Scottish school, chances are, one of their teachers is now in this predicament.

In many cases these teachers had successfully passed interviews and were only informed they would receive no contracted employment in the middle of June, almost four months after interview, and too late to apply for jobs in other teaching authorities.

For many this means being reliant on picking up temporary work from the very councils who haven't offered them permanent employment, or face leaving education altogether. And this is not just affecting this year's cohort of probationers. Those from last year and beyond coming to the end of their fixed term contracts find themselves in precisely the same position, regardless of the varied experience they have built up over the past two years. If you're not already in a full-time permanent position in education, then the options of finding such are scarce.

This is completely at odds with the current government rhetoric (and campaigning from the General teaching council of Scotland), who are asking 15000+ teachers to come out of retirement or renew their registration to help support the blended learning models being put in place for the August return of our pupils.

The issue is, of course, finance. COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) want the Scottish Government to underwrite any additional costs to local authority spending before it commits to additional recruitment.

In the meantime, there are hundreds of teachers finishing off the first year of their careers with no knowledge of whether they will have any employment come August. We are becoming aware that this problem is not particular to this year's cohort either. 

If you want to see teachers shown loyalty by the learning authorities they have been helping through this recent pandemic and not cast aside as a cost-cutting measure, please show your support by signing this petition.