Cosby Playing fields and park need to be properly maintained

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Cosby park and playing fields is the only open space our young people have to enjoy outdoor activities. In the last 2 years the maintenance and upkeep of the area as fell to an unacceptable standard. The grass is so long now that a football don't roll, it looks more like a wild garden than a playing field. The park area is often left uncut with bins overflowing and rubbish laying hidden in the long grass. Its not just visually a poor sight it's an health hazard too. These areas need to be properly maintained during the summer months so children and their families can enjoy them and use them safely. The playing fields and park area need to be cut at least once a week during the summer months of May to the end of September. As parents we are constantly told our children need regular exercise, the least our local council can do is provide us with a mowing service to make this facility usable.