Tell Cory Gardner No Vote on New Supreme Court Justice Until After Presidential Election

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The death of legislative and feminist icon Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg comes during a difficult and consequential time in American history. In addition, to the public health and economic crises, because of the global pandemic, we are also experiencing social unrest due to decades of unchecked racism and the humanitarian crisis at the border.

However, we can not let this tragedy halt uniting us and we can not let an appointee be nominated before the US people have had their opportunity to speak during this election cycle. Justice Ginsburg spent her life championing equality for all people and it would be dishonorable to her legacy to rush the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice without due process. 

This is not a political issue, it is not an argument of right vs. left, this is about the foundational value that the government represents the views and values of the people. The people will speak on November 4th and elected representatives must wait to hear what the people want before a new nominee is selected to America's highest court. The Supreme Court does not serve any one party, it serves to champion the rights of the American people and its views should be representative of the views of ALL Americans. 

Therefore, Senator Gardner, we are asking you to publicly promise to vote no on any Supreme Court Justice nominations until after the new Senate convenes on January 3rd, 2021.