Say No to Kavanaugh Senators Gardner and Bennet

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The Supreme Court is the ultimate decision-maker regarding the rights of people in our country. It has upheld many important decisions that have ensured access to education, health care, and civil rights. We need a Supreme Court majority that will protect these important public needs – for all communities. 

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh would put many of these rights – and, crucially, many Coloradans' lives – at risk. We need SCOTUS justices that will treat every person equally, a premise our democracy depends upon. Alarmingly, Judge Kavanaugh has met certain requirements by the President in his vetting, including agreeing to undermine the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade. It is clear that these would go against core Colorado values.

Colorado is a proven leader in ensuring health care and advancing women's rights. Our state implemented the ACA on our own terms, creating our own exchange and expanding our Medicaid program to include all low-income adults. In addition, Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion and has continued to protect abortion access for 50 years – including Coloradans voting down three fetal personhood ballot initiatives that would have banned it. Year after year, state leaders vote to protect legal abortion. Year after year, Colorado has prioritized lives.

We ask that you continue this tradition. We ask you, as our two United States Senators, to vote no for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and to only support a Supreme Court nominee who will promise to protect health care access and safe and legal abortion.