Help Us Save the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (Senior Nutrition Program)!

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As you may know, the President’s Budget proposes to eliminate all funding for CSFP in 2019.

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (known as the Senior Nutrition Program here at Weld Food Bank) currently provides up to 728,552 nutritious food packages each month in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and 3 Indian Tribal Organizations. With close to 16,000 Colorado seniors suffering from food insecurity, support for effective programs to ensure that our community member’s basic needs are met, is more important than ever.

Here in Weld County, we are able to provide food packages to over 2,900 seniors every month thanks to this program. Additionally Weld Food Bank always includes fresh produce, eggs and dairy with every food package.

CSFP recipients are seniors with annual income levels at or below $15,782 and many have no means of transportation. CSFP is often a program of last resort for seniors who qualify for no other form of nutritional assistance, and by providing for delivery of our food packages CSFP plays a crucial role in ensuring that even the homebound have their nutritional needs met.

Please join us in urging our Colorado Elected Officials in Congress to show their support of preserving the CSFP program and provide sufficient funding to maintain the current caseload. Please sign this petition and support seniors in Colorado!