Get more restaurants to make gluten-free food.

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I care about this because I have Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is a disease where your stomach doesn't allow gluten foods. Eating gluten foods will cause stomach cramps for me. So every day I have to have a gluten-free meal.

 Gluten-free cereal, Pancakes, Bread, Pasta and more... And I'm glad that there are food organizations that make gluten-free foods... But its just that I rarely see gluten-free foods from restaurants. Every day I wish that I could go to a restaurant and eat that cake, or have that huge burger with a bun. But I don't have the bun because it contains gluten and restaurants usually never have gluten-free cakes. And the restaurants that do have gluten-free foods have small gluten-free menus.

It's just that I want everyone out there who are Gluten Intolerant/Has Celiac Disease to experience more Gluten Free foods from restaurants

They're still people out there who don't even realize that they're Gluten Intolerant... They suffer every day with Stomach cramps and they have to deal with it.

Also, it turns out that people who are Gluten Intolerant and still eat gluten cause 8 times the percent then the General Public to have Cancer. People who are Gluten Intolerant and eat only Gluten-free foods have 4 times less the percent then the General public to have cancer.

And signing this petition would be one more step up to making everyone healthier and making it easier for people who have Celiac Disease & are Gluten Intolerant.

Im not saying every restaurant in NJ has to do this... Im just saying it would help more people if you do.

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