Concerns about “Nurses” medical drama

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Dear Corus Entertainment,

RE: Global Television show “Nurses”

I am an Edmonton-based Family Physician, and I am writing to you with concerns regarding advertising for the upcoming Global TV medical drama, “Nurses.”

Before expressing my concerns, I want to thank you for highlighting the important role nurses play in our healthcare system, and for launching the “Thank a Nurse” campaign. Nurses perform difficult physical, emotional, and cognitive work on a daily basis, and they deserve recognition for their indispensable role in our society.

My concern is the portrayal of physicians in the trailers currently available online. Physicians are described as egotistical and living a luxurious life filled with “country club[s]” and “fancy car[s].” As with any profession, there are surely a few individuals akin to this description, but for the vast majority, this could not be further from the truth.

In addition, a tag line also reads “They/are/not/doctors”, drawing divisive lines between nurses and physicians. It paints us as being on separate teams, when in fact, we work together in a collaborative manner every day.

I find this portrayal insulting and calumnious. It erodes the public perception of physicians unnecessarily, and is frankly inaccurate. Aside from financial profit, I cannot understand why you would choose to create content with this tone.

Therefore, I am respectfully requesting the following.

1. A written response of why you chose to air this content;

2. and, that you remove the clip entitled, “‘Nurses’ Teaser Trailer: They Are
Not Doctors” immediately.

Thank you for your attention to the above. I look forward to your response.

Dr. Lana Myroniuk-Morgadinho, BSc MD CCFP