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Please Help Save The Baby Ducks!

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Cortland Partners, owns Watervue Apartments in Fort Worth, TX that has two ponds that are the home to quite a few ducks and all of the residents love them! Being as this is my first year here, about a month ago we saw some baby ducks that were just born. However the sad part is that they NEVER make it because once they get into the pond there is no way for them to get out because the water is too low and the cement is too high for them to jump up to the grass. We have tried going to the leasing office however they do not do anything about it. Apparently this issue has been happening for years! The residents have tried making homemade rafts multiple times to help them get out of the pond but it has been unsuccessful. There have been close to 15-20 baby ducks that have died this year alone! It is so sad, and is not their fault at all and I was hoping this petition will make Cortland Partners take action to this issue that will help the baby ducks get out of the pond. This past weekend 9 new baby ducks were born and there is only one left... Please help me save these future little babies, they don't deserve to suffer and I cannot stand to see it happen anymore. The cries you hear from the momma bird are just terrible and just crushes my heart. I know they are just ducks, but I couldn't imagine if that happened to my baby. 

I have been in contact with the Federal Game Warden and they are looking into the issue and seeing if they will be protected under a wildlife regulatory law that protects ducks and their nests. Signing this petition would mean a lot to me as well as the  apartments residents and locals as the kids and families LOVE seeing these ducks and their babies. It breaks our heart seeing these innocent babies dying over something that could be an easy fix!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

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