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                  This is to inform you regarding the time delay more than 2 years and no action taken against my personal grievances to various Higher Officials / Offices as  till date I have not yet received any reply from the concern authority.

Acknowledgement numbers of my previous petition with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s special cell are as follows: -

        1.  Tamil Nadu CM’s spl cell petition no-F/223131/2016

       2. Tamil Nadu CM’s spl cell petition no-F/282438/2016

       3. Tamil Nadu CM’s spl cell petition no-F/292688/2016

       4. Tamil Nadu CM’s spl cell petition no-F/144176/2017

Acknowledgement numbers of my previous petition with The Prime Minister’s Office as follows: -

1.     PMOPG/E/2016/06000742

2.     GOVTN/E/2017/00631

3.     GOVTN/E/2017/01515

4.     PMOPG/D/2017/528098

Acknowledgement numbers of my previous petition with The President Secretariat’s Office as follows: -

1.     P2/D/2410160415

Acknowledgement letters from Tamilnadu Highways Department Office for my Grievance Petitions  as follows: -

1.  Letter No.14477/சா (ம) பா – 2/2016, 24.10.2016

2.     Letter No.15142/சா (ம) பா – 2/2016, 04.11.2016

3.     Letter No.161917/சா (ம) பா – 2/2016, 25.11.2016

4.     Letter No.15470/சா (ம) பா – 2/2017, 15.11.2017

                         I am a retired Tamilnadu Government Servant. I got retired in May 1998  &  I last served in Govt. College of Technology (GCT), Coimbatore. I had two sons and two daughters. My younger son died in Serial Bomb Blast at Coimbatore on       14-02-98. Based on that, BJP Leaders had special concern on the affected families and my elder son R.Murugesan,B.E., was offered a job as Assistant Engineer in Highways Department.

                       I am 78yrs old, physically disabled person (My right leg affected by polio) and I am also suffering from recurrent breathing problems and under continuous medical care. In addition to this, I fell down and sustained fracture in my right leg and on treatment.  My wife is suffering from depressive illness since my younger son’s death. My daughter – in -  law, a Doctor by profession, is employed in Steel Plant Hospital, Salem. My son has two sons aged 18 & 12 years.

                 From May 2014 onwards my son was transferred to far off places (Each corner of Tamilnadu state) within short period by the influence of the Rtd. Special Chief Engineer Mr. G.M.Mani. So for he has been transferred to Tuticorin, Andipatty(Theni), Vaniyambady(vellore) now at Ariyalur from 30.12.2015 after promotion as Assistant Divisional Engineer. Because of this all my family members are very much depressed.

                     My daughter – in – law is working as a  Medical Officer at Salem Steel Plant Hospital, nontransferable post. Even though, based on rule my son has submitted spouse working certificate with request transfer applications 13 times through proper channel to salem,  was continuously rejected by Director General  Mr. R. Gothandaraman, Highways Department under the instructions of Rtd. Special Chief Engineer Mr. G.M.Mani.

                     I also want to bring to your notice that currently three places are vacant at Salem. Kindly take immediate action regarding transfer of job for my son  R. Murugesan, Assistant Divisional Engineer working in Highways department at Ariyalur to Salem because my son is eligible for transfer to Salem.  

                       My son has been Honest & Sincere in his work and it is the only reason for my son being victimized.    As he hasn’t got transferred to Salem though he applied for 13 times, he got a problem in his heart and has been operated for a 90% block in major cardiac vessel.

                           I have no more strength to fight against respected      Er. R.Gothandaraman, Director General of Highways Department. I am left to this condition due to continuous mental tortures by the administrator’s of Highways Department.

1.  My son have sent  transfer applications in a proper way for the13th time

2.  My son have attached his wife's certificate of working in a central government. My son have attached his  wife’s salary certificate issued by the respective department. Though there is no time line for transferring of husband or wife to work in a same place, though the Director General of Highways Department  continuously rejects my son's transfer applications stating that it is not applicable to this department.

3. My son's transfer is rejected for more than three and half years though there is a rule for transferring.

4.  The place my son requesting for transfer is still vacant, yet my son's application is still rejected.

          ADE/H/C&M/SALEM     -  More than 1 year

          ADE/H/QC/SAEM           -  More than  6 month

           ADE/H/TNRSP/SAEM   -  More than  6 months

The Director General Mr. R. Gothandaraman has been acting on his own & without following transfer norms, he has issued various transfer orders according to his will and wish to many people except my son even though my son is eligible for transfer to Salem. Since, I felt that he will not do anything good to us, I have approached you all, as a last resort.







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