Corruption and Murder Case at Mathura : Seeking justice for Ashok

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Unfortunately enough we are living in an era where major news of kidnapping and murder are not a surprise anymore. This has just happened to my uncle Ashok Agrawal. He was brutally killed and found tied to a tree behind a local police station in kosi, Mathura.
My uncle Ashok Agrawal was a transporter and so is the accused Murderer Shivraj Thakur. The other day, The uncle's truck driver had a verbal spat with one of the drivers of accused over some battery issue. When my uncle got to know about this he directly had words with the accused and tried to solve the problem. But accused, who is a rich "dabang" of our area unnecessarily nurtured grudge on this petty issue and threatened my uncle to kill him (We have audio clips). On the night of 7th oct. 2018, he kidnapped my uncle, and after an hour uncle managed to call his son in which he was shouting for help and saying "Bachao! ye Shivraj ke aadmi mujhe maar rahe hen". we immediately informed police and filed an FIR. Police arrested the accused but released him. In total contrast police started imposing the kidnapping case on my family only, that we have hidden ashok to implicate the accused in a false kidnapping. On 13th Oct. horrendously brutalized body of my uncle was found tied to a tree behind a police station in kosi (mathura). Relatives of deceased are saying it is a murder, but police on the other hand is turning it into a suicide case.

My faith in Mathura police is now completely compromised as they are not just fabricating this murder into suicide but also serving and guarding the perpetrator luxuriously. I request you to please pay heed to our request and bring out the confirmed help us to get justice for my uncle Ashok Agrawal.

P.S. This is the information from our side. we demand proper investigation so that truth can come out.