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Corrupt police shouldn’t continue to work

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Two corrections officers, Zeneth Glenn and Ryan Mittlebach, were recently fired after it was revealed that they used a large Burmese Python to torture an inmate. Their actions were horrifying, and could end up costing local taxpayers millions of dollars when the dust settles. Despite this, Zeneth Glenn was hired shortly after the incident by a nearby police department and allowed to continue serving the community he betrayed so terribly.

A law enforcement officer who was fired for torturing an inmate with a 7-foot-long snake was clearly in breach of his professional oath. He should not be entrusted with the power that comes with being a police officer.

In many professions, like with teachers and doctors, egregious misconduct results in losing your license and ability to work in the field. We need this for our law enforcement. I’m calling on the state of Alabama to suspend the training certification that allows employment in a law enforcement capacity for anyone fired or found guilty for misconduct related to their duties as a law enforcement officer.

Far too often, when we watch the news and hear about police misusing their authority, we learn they had a history of being unfit for duty. It becomes clear that if the warning signs had been heeded, tragic events could have been avoided.

I hope this is a solution that will encourage trust between communities and the law enforcement hired to protect them, giving leaders a tool to keep the bad apples from patrolling our streets and working in our jails. If we could get this instituted in Alabama and it is successful, it’s an idea that could spread across the country.

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