Postpone Grad 2020 to give Quesnel Grads the celebration they deserve

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The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of the 2020 grad class. We have worked so hard for our efforts to suddenly come to a screeching halt. We went to school on a random Friday, not knowing it could be our last. No saying goodbye to our favourite teachers, no last day of school celebration and now we may not get the big graduation ceremony we have looked forward to for 13 years. We understand that with all the restrictions it is difficult to carry out what a Quesnel grad traditionally looks like. We also know and appreciate that the teachers and parents will go to great lengths to make our day special. 

But ultimately, it isn't what we truly want, and it won't live up to the celebration we have dreamed of. A small gathering or live streamed ceremony cannot compare to celebrating this next chapter of our lives in the arena surrounded by our peers, for all our friends, family and loved ones to see. All we ask is a chance to experience graduation the same way every other class has. 

The class of 2020 is willing to wait until the restrictions can accommodate a larger gathering that more closely resembles a typical grad. Whether that happens in the next few months, or not until next June, we would all rather wait to do grad properly than try and force an event that won't be as special for us. Please sign this petition in support of postponing grad until we have the ability to give the class of 2020 the celebration they deserve, don't let our hard work be for nothing.