Better treatment within correctional system

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A change I would like to see take place is within the correctional system and the treatment of inmates.
Prison guards have a code of conduct I believe is rarely followed. They continue to display cruel and unethical behaviors. Prison guards should be held to the same standards of the inmates. Just as inmates are expected to follow the rules and conduct themselves in a civilized manner, so should the guards. Guards should not be allowed to antagonize and violate the rights of the prisoners with little to no consequences. I believe the guards should lead by example and be held accountable for their actions.
I believe there should be an independent governing body that oversees the Warden to ensure that prisoners rights aren’t being violated and when they are, the situation is handled appropriately and not swept under the rug. Such conduct by the prison staff should not be tolerated and dealt with appropriately.
I currently have a brother who is incarcerated, and has a diagnosed mental health condition. There are so many times that he’s told me about situations where his rights or the rights of his fellow inmates have been violated. The inmates report such abuse, but nothing rarely happens to the guards and the abuse continues. I know the inmates contribute to some of the mistreatment, however I have witnessed such violations during visits with my brother. I have reported actions I’ve seen by the guards, but nothing ever comes of the complaint.
Not everyone in jail is guilty and of course they’re not all innocent, but no matter the circumstance we all have rights and the rights of prisoners shouldn’t be ignored because they are behind prison walls.
Immediate action is needed, therefore please sign my petition so we can try to get the Prison System overseen by an outside independent agency and stop the ongoing abuse within the Penal System.

Thank you in advance.