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Allow family members to visit more than one prisoner

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Without going into too much detail, I have 2 family members in prison. My cousin's wife and their children are unable to visit him because her brother is also in jail, and they are making her and her children choose between the two. This is not right. Regardless of crimes, or of innocence or guilt of the prisoners, it is not right to punish the families. They have done nothing wrong, and should not be treated this way. They should be able to visit their own family members, and not have to choose. Visits are already monitored, there should be no real reason to take away the visiting rights of the family members if they have followed the rules and have done nothing wrong. This goes for anyone with family in prison. Regardless of the reasons the individuals are in prison, it is not the fault of the families. They're innocent and should have the right to see their family members. They're supposed to be rehabilitating these prisoners, but seeing their family is a large part of the rehabilitation process, and they are taking that away.

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