Correct Ambiguities of AB 1785/CVC-23123.5 Cellular Hands-free Public Safety Law

I ask that AB1222 completely codify the Author's own Legislative Analysis *and* the recent CHP enforcement memo. I fully support the amendment language of AB1222, as recently offered by the Amateur Radio Operators of California – group.

Amateur radio provides a valuable public service to numerous community events. In nearly 70+ years of two-way radio technology there are zero documented cases of such operation being any known threat to public safety or operation of a motor vehicle. The Author of AB-1785 has confirmed that the law was not intended to ban amateur radio mobile operation and the California Highway Patrol has confirmed its support for continued use of mobile amateur radio.
AB-1222 must be ammended

Clifford Chabot, Santa Ynez, CA, United States
5 years ago
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