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Clean-up Indiranagar 7th Main before it's too late

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In relation to the activities happening on Indiranagar 7th Main road, which connects the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir to Indiranagar 100ft road, through ESI Hospital.

The place has become a complete mess and contributes to Bengaluru’s garbage nuisance instead of being a problem solver to already existing problems of traffic, garbage dumping and road safety, which we read in the news every day.


Firstly, I would like to highlight the garbage segregation done by BBMP staff on a daily basis near the ESI hospital compound on 7th Main. Because of this action by BBMP staff, what was once a clean walkable footpath frequented by joggers and walkers has now become a place for people to dump their garbage and illegal waste. The impact that this has on the residents in the vicinity has doubled due to the monsoon rains and the place has become a perfect home for dengue spreading mosquitoes and the hygiene concerns to citizen are unquestionable. There have been instances of garbage being burnt in broad daylight by the BBMP staff which has caused the nearby trees to get consumed by the fire and a few trees around and within the ESI compound have died. We have no right or reason to cause such damage to trees due to our negligence. Not only this, the dead trees are on the verge of falling on to the street and this is just us waiting for a mishap to occur.

Secondly, with the absence of proper functioning street lights, this street has become a haven for drunkards, hooligans and other illegal activities to be carried out at night. Many instances have been observed by the residents, of fights taking place, drunkards causing public nuisance, etc. With this sort of a blockage to the proper flowing traffic, many travelers chose to go to the 100ft road via Domlur/Doopanahalli or via 12th Main, instead of connecting directly via 7th Main. The same with people coming to the famous shrine, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple via 100ft road or the CMH road. What can easily be a 5 min drive thru 7th Main, now takes a good 30 to 45 mins on peak hours like Thursdays or over the weekends. The traffic police also find it difficult to manage this load in traffic on weekends. Imagine the traffic being cut to half and people can connect to 100ft road or CMH road via 7th Main in a matter of minutes.

Lastly, I would like to highlight the illegal parking of transport vehicles on 7th Main. This has caused immense nuisance to residents and shopkeepers in the vicinity as we have been threatened by them on multiple occasions. Our requests to not have such parking done has fallen on deaf ears as these vehicles are parked for days, sometime months on end. Such kind of an environment is favorable for more and more illegal activities to take place in a locality like Indiranagar.


These things add on to an overall disturbed neighborhood which is not safe for our women or children to travel through on a daily basis. We, the residents, are worried. We pay taxes in the form of Swacch Bharat cess and Road taxes every year, yet we have no “Swacch” Bharat. We share “Clean Environment” posts on social media and take part in social activities in our community, and yet are responsible for causing unwanted damage to trees and our roads. We elect officials to take care of our necessities of our community and yet have to campaign to get these basic safety rules implemented.


Bengaluru is turning from India’s “Garden City” to India’s “Garbage City”.

It’s bothering me and I’m sure its bothering you as well, as we see our beautiful city turn into a dystopian nightmare. It’s about time we get up and do something about this.


Requesting all residents and the frequent travelers of this road to join hands in this campaign to get BBMP, our elected Corporators of Ward No. 112 (Domlur-Shanti Nagar) Shri C R Lakshminarayan & Ward No. 89 (Jogupalya-Shanti Nagar) Shri M Gautham Kumar, the MLA of Constituency Shanti Nagar, Shri. N. A. Haris and the Honorable Mayor of Bengaluru, Shri. Sampath Kumar, as well as the Deputy Commissioner for Transport & Senior RTO (Bangalore East) to act on these issues and get the following suggestions implemented –

a.      No garbage segregation by BBMP on 7th Main Road. Also ban dumping of garbage within ESI compound.

b.      Street lights to be erected / existing street lights to be repaired on 7th Main Road.

c.       Prohibit illegal parking along the length of 7th Main Road and divert traffic going towards 100ft road via 7th Main.


What this will result in is –

1.      A much-needed cleaner and greener environment in Indiranagar.

2.      Traffic diversion on 12th Main and 100ft road via 7th Main.

3.      Safer and secure neighborhood for the residents around Indiranagar 7th Main.


Petition delivered to:

Corporator of Ward No. 112 (Domlur-Shanti Nagar), Shri. C. R. Lakshminarayan.

Corporator of Ward No. 89 (Jogupalya-Shanti Nagar), Shri. M. Gautham Kumar.

MLA of Constituency Shanti Nagar, Shri. N. A. Haris

The Honorable Mayor of Bengaluru, Shri. Sampath Raj.

The Deputy Commissioner for Transport & Senior RTO (Bangalore East)


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