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Corporations that export jobs to countries outside the US: Bring American jobs back to America or pay higher taxes...

... in place of the revenue they are saving from paying their foreign employees less than an American employee would earn for the same task, these corporations should have to pay and extra tax that would go to fund programs such as Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, and Medicaid).The American people, as a whole, are suffering from unemployment issues and hence having to resort to filing for state unemployment benefits. That just puts a burden on state funds. If there were actually jobs for those unemployed citizens to obtain, they would actually have money to spend to help get the American economy rolling again. I understand that there may be corporate lobbyists fighting to keep their wallets fat by paying their workers from other countries less than they would if they were to hire American laborers, but this issue isn't about helping a handful of people, it's about helping the citizens of the whole country. If there were higher taxes on those corporations that are exporting jobs, that might encourage those businesses to bring American jobs back to America. Either way, the higher taxes will generate revenue to fund unemployment or corporations can bring jobs back to the United States so the American people can get back to spending money on luxuries we've been robbed of for a long time.

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