Sign to ask Corporations to Sponsor Floats for LGBTQ+ Charities & Community Groups #Pride

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Helen Oakleigh
Helen Oakleigh signed this petition

I am calling on all companies who march at Pride for a different approach next year.

I would like to see every company who has a float in pride to partner up with a queer charity or organisation, ideally those who would otherwise not be able to attend due to the high costs to enter a float on top of the cost of obtaining and decorating one too. Pay the costs (entry, float, costumes and decorating) and allow the group to march instead.

Then I would encourage everyone from the sponsoring company to go and cheer that float on in the crowd. Perhaps organise a good viewing spot for your colleagues. And have some buckets to collect donations for said queer charity or organisation to use too. Then instead of the crowd cheering on a financial company, retailer or corporation everyone can cheer on the queer groups who are working hard all year round at grass roots. Cheer on those fighting for equality and diversity. Cheer on those fighting for a better life for all!

Do not get me wrong, if you are a company who has gone to the effort of having a float at pride I do not doubt for a second that you have a skilled team who has implemented a diversity training scheme and has policies for inclusion. And that is great! But also that is law and a basic for you to provide. Of course your staff should be respectful. But I want to see the queer community march as our siblings of past years could not. They were beaten and imprisoned, as they still are in many places around the world.

So please support a group that needs you! Acknowledge the achievements and the work still to be done. And have a large logo displayed on the float or banner that you sponsor alongside your chosen group. But let their name and message speak louder. Let minority groups within the queer community have visibility. Advertising for the arts groups, the charities, the choirs, the sports groups, cheer on those who help the homeless, the refugees and those vulnerable in society. Cheer on the emergency services working on the front line and know first hand that the fight against hate crime is not yet over.

Sign the petition then send it to a corporation or company who is willing to make this change to support the queer community.

Thanks. Peace and love.

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