Remove unapproved Hoardings/Banners of political parties/religious functions on the roads

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We have had many mishaps happening because of erecting unwarranted flex banners/temporary metal hoardings in the side lanes/medians of main road. Today a 23rd year old girl died due to a hoarding falling on her and getting crushed under the wheels of lorry. Hoardings are erected mostly by political parties for campaigns and party functionaries for simple things like a wedding event where a political dignitary is invited as guest. Mr. Traffic Ramasamy has already fought and won many cases , but the same continues due to lack of enforcement from officials and political leadership. This kind of banners come up even to promote religious gatherings . High time strict laws are being brought about and implemented ,so that hoardings in busy streets /highways /pedestrian platforms/medians are removed and also make sure no more such hoardings dot any part of any city. In any which way, if the hoarding is considered a danger/disturbance or might harm general public then the local authorities should have them removed immediately .Unlike big advertisments banners which are erect with prior approval and built on a proper supporting platform, these make shift /temporary hoardings are a nuisance.