Veteran student loan repayment assistance in exchange for protecting public schools.

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Gun violence in schools, such as the recent massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL is very serious problem in our nation today. The talk about gun reform and other measures between politicians and organizations for and against the right to bear arms will continue for a long time before something gets done. If we continue to wait for politicians to come to an agreement, all of these events will go down in history with nothing resolved. 

Although some school districts and private schools can afford to pay for additional law enforcement and private security officers to beef up security, there are others who cannot afford this. Instead, we should elicit the help of capable and trained individuals such as our veterans of the armed forces to take up on this responsibility.

Veterans, including law enforcement and rescue personnel will help with screening of backpacks of students in public schools as well as security patrols and surveillance as prevention methods to thwart possible gun violence scenarios in the future. The volunteer force will be licensed to carry a concealed firearm (depending on state) and must submit to a background check. The volunteer force will also be led by the school's appointed School Resource Officer. 

One thing to remember is that the volunteer force will dwindle if they don't have some kind of incentive. Therefore, I propose enactment or implementation of a student loan repayment assistance program for veterans, law enforcement and rescue personnel volunteering in public school safety and security.  

An amount of $7,500 annually will be paid after 12 consecutive months of community service and 1,000 hours of service. 

I believe this type of initiative ("Police Your Own" initiative) will not only "incentivize" volunteers to serve, but it will mobilize trained and capable personnel to serve their communities.