#WelcomeAgain programs for critical illness or accidental survivors

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#ReturningMothers #Inclusion&Diversity these are the new ways in which corporate are taking edge over others who do not have these programs and making their place in the list of #GreatPlacetoWork.

Undoubtedly these welcome programs have helped women in balancing their already complicated life with work and I am among one of them  - with pride.

However, if we look around we would see that there is another very competent group of people who would appreciate the meaning of another chance, a helping hand in a much greater way than new mothers. These are the people who have survived a critical illness or a dreadful accident which forced them to take a break from work. We must understand this break was the most undesirable break they ever wished in their lives, it was a nightmare. They might appear weak to you physically, but they can amaze you their strength of mind, determination to work, and the sense of responsibility they would have developed while bravely fighting the battle of life.

I would urge the corporate big and small, to give a thought for these strong group of individuals both men and women who are in great need for financial help and have greater willingness to bring their lives to normal. Start programs to bring them back on board, welcome their return, offer them helping hand in making their journey to new life convenient. This would make the corporate truly #Inclusive and #GreatPlaceToWork.

 #WelcomeAgain #StrongerIndividuals #FighterGroup

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