Corporate defunding of homophobic and transphobic politicians

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Major corporations are funding politicians in the U.S. who are persecuting our LGBTQ family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues with legislation that:

  • invades their privacy;
  • interferes with their relationships with their doctors;
  • prevents them from getting appropriate medical care;
  • criminalizes their parents as “child abusers” for accepting and supporting their self-determined sexuality.
  • bans them from participating in the sports in the ways they deem appropriate;
  • requires schools to inspect teens’ genitals to confirm or deny suspicions about their “gender;”
  • prevents them from using bathrooms which they deem to be appropriate, etc.  

LGBTQ children and teenagers are particularly targeted by these cruel politicians.  

Since the consequences are dangerous and devastating for the physical and mental health of LGBTQ victims, corporations must defund the politicians advocating, sponsoring and voting for these persecutory laws.  

This is particularly mandatory for healthcare providers and insurers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains and every other company involved in the healthcare industry.  

As part of the African American community fighting similar battles with bigots, I want to help the LGBTQ community with its fight.  I’m hoping that you do, too, and will sign on to this petition.