Petition Update

April 8, 2012 Update

ALS Treat Us Now..non profit

Apr 8, 2012 — We have all been very active on many important Treat Us Now To Do's.

For example:
- Wanda and Diane are prepping an updated email blast.
- Tom, Ed and Wanda had a 60 minute 2nd call with exploratory treatment organization
- We are finishing the White Paper for the NY Times author
-Diane and we have been working with drug sponsor executives to assure attention is given to Treat Us Now
- Laura has been posting, as has Joe and we hope many others who I am forgetting to mention.

The Steering Committee has 2 calls this week to continue our work on these topics and others:
1- Response to Jonathan../Ed
2- Response to CEO's..Diane, Ed
3-Next email blast...Wanda
4- Next steps with ALSA, MDA and other ALS World groups...Tom, Ed
5- Next steps with FDA... Ed
6- How to leverage the Gilenya self trial
7-Fund Raising..Ted
8-Website..several have suggestions
9- End date for the Petition...
10- Ask all members for a minimum commitment of time.