Petition Update

Kendall's it ends may be a testimonial to "our" commitment

ALS Treat Us Now..non profit

Mar 7, 2012 — Kendall's story is one of an ALS family hoping and actively working to gain access to one of the promising new treatments available now to some Trial participants. For most patients there is no hope for access until we can convince the Pharmaceutical companies to ask the FDA for early approval. Most Companies have declined to do so..... That is our mission...Treat Us Now.
We are not asking for free medicine, patients are prepared to pay market rates, and to actively help the four companies with promising treatment bring them successfully through the FDA reviews. The FDA has said we should have the same early access as the HIV, and Cancer communities have enjoyed.
So, let us convince the Pharmaceutical companies to Treat Us Now.
We need your help, our "our" consists of a very small group of volunteers, still well enough to help..
Thank you