Protect Canadians from Coronavirus / Increase Coronavirus Quarantine and Screening Measure

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###Update of Feb. 8th###

Dear supporters,

In the past couple of days, Bo tried to get in touch with Health Canada and was informed that the petition shall be formalized and go through the House of Commons.

Below is a form where you fill out your email, and constituency if you are a Canadian citizen.

Please share the form to anyone in your riding that is willing to sign the official petition.

To find out your constituency:

You will be contacted once there are 25+ people in your riding. You will then print out the petition and physically sign it. A location will be disclosed for you to send or deliver it to.

Your email will not be shared with anybody, not even the other 25+ members in your riding.

We need this to get the authorities to start bringing this petition in full weight to the decision making process.

We are now working with a lawyer to formalize the petition, ETA to be completed in a couple of days.

###Update of Feb. 4th###

For several days since I started this petition, I was wondering when the first case of human-to-human transmission of the virus would appear in Canada. Unfortunately, it is today.

BC just announced the second presumptive case, which is a woman in her 50s whom had family members came from Wuhan. This means, at least one of the her family had the virus and passed it to her.

At the moment, the government of BC doesn't have much information regarding how long her family visited her, and where they have been in the past days. I hope this case remains to a small group of people, and the rest of her family members are healthy.

As I mentioned yesterday, this petition is now a joint petition with Bo Li's petition here:

We are seeking media coverage and we hope to get as much attention as we can.

If anyone has friend working for a media, please help us to get contacted.

###The Petition###

Minister of Health Canada / Ministre de la santé du Canada Patty Hajdu
Chief Public Health Officer of Canada / Administratrice en chef de la santé publique du Canada Dr. Theresa Tam
Prime Minister of Canada / Premier Ministre du Canada Justin Trudeau

###English Version###

There is a coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak happening in China, which has unfortunately spread to a lot of countries in the world, including Canada.

As the confirmed cases number from both within China and around the world is getting higher, the risk goes higher day by day.

Since human-to-human transmission and incubation period (2-14 days) transmission has been confirmed, it is very difficult to control the spread of the virus. Although there is not an outbreak at the moment in Canada (and the province of Quebec), the nature of the virus poses a threat.

It was reported that 5 million people left the city of Wuhan before its been locked down, and there are a lot of Chinese and Canadians went to China for Lunar New Year celebration. These people may catch the virus, and there is currently no good way to tell whether it’s clear or not. There are also more and more reports showing that people carrying and spreading the virus may not have any symptom at all. At this point, the virus may spread to more people.

The WHO now declared a global health emergency, and our government must respond as soon as possible.

Considering that children interact and contact each other more often than adults, for the safety and health of our children and their families, we strongly suggest that the government can issue a self-isolation order to all travelers from China for two weeks, before sending their kids to daycare or school. The government shall also help these families with their daily needs during self-isolation, and respond quickly when a symptom appears.

We understand that this is a difficult decision and it is unfair for the people that don’t have the virus, but necessary prevention methods must be taken before any of our children and their families gets impacted.

Thank you!

###Version Française###

Une épidémie de coronavirus (2019-nCoV) se propage en Chine en ce moment, et atteint malheureusement de nombreux pays dans le monde, y compris le Canada.

Comme le nombre de cas confirmés en Chine et dans le monde augmente, le risque de propagation augmente de jour en jour.

Étant donné que la transmission entre personnes et la période d'incubation (2-14 jours) ont été confirmées, il est très difficile de contrôler la propagation du virus. Bien qu'il n'y ait pas d'éclosion en ce moment au Canada (et dans la province de Québec), la nature du virus constitue une menace.

Il a été signalé que 5 millions de personnes ont quitté la ville de Wuhan avant son verrouillage, et il y a beaucoup de Canadiens et Chinoise qui sont alleés en Chine pour la célébration du nouvel an lunaire. Ces personnes peuvent attraper le virus, et il n’existe actuellement aucun moyen efficace de savoir s’il est présent ou non. Il y a également de plus en plus de rapports montrant que les personnes porteuses et propageant le virus peuvent ne présenter aucun symptôme. À ce stade, le virus peut se propager à davantage de personnes.

L'OMS a maintenant déclaré une urgence sanitaire mondiale et notre gouvernement doit réagir le plus rapidement possible.

Étant donné que les enfants interagissent et se contactent plus souvent que les adultes, pour la sécurité et la santé de nos enfants et de leurs familles, nous suggérons fortement que le gouvernement puisse émettre un ordre d'isolement personnel à tous les voyageurs en provenance de Chine pendant deux semaines, avant d'envoyer leurs enfants à la garderie ou à l'école. Le gouvernement doit également aider ces familles à subvenir à leurs besoins quotidiens pendant l'isolement et répondre rapidement lorsqu'un symptôme apparaît.

Nous comprenons qu’il s’agit d’une décision difficile et injuste pour les personnes qui ne sont pas infectées, mais les méthodes de prévention nécessaires doivent être prises avant que nos enfants et leurs familles ne soient touchés.

Je vous remercie!

###This petition is now a joint petition with the following one###

Increase Coronavirus Quarantine and Screening Measures in Canada

During this Novel-Coronavirus global emergency, the actions of the Canadian government to protect its citizens are insufficient:

  • Travelers from at-risk regions aren't being properly screened for symptoms nor is their travel history investigated
  • They are not being advised to advised to self-quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms
  • The investigations into possible related cases of the known confirmed ones are inadequate.
  • Public Health has been contacted and is aware of this petition, and it's core change requests.

This is not just an anonymous petition that will lay passively on this website. Media coverage is already being pursued, and swift action is needed to protect the health of the citizen's of Canada.

There has been a counter-argument of potential promotion of racism with this action. Racism is not okay and will not be tolerated. Risks on Canadians' health also will not be tolerated.

Schools and employers must encourage those who are putting others at risk to stay home. Prevention over reaction. Children especially have high risk with this situation, and appropriate action must be taken.

Share this petition if you care, let's get action from the government as soon as possible.


  • The public should be urged to self-quarantine if they have visited or been in contact with those who have been to at-risk regions in China in the past 14 days
  • Evacuees should be quarantined as well for 14 days.
  • Travelers should formally be screened for symptoms and temperature and their travel history should be shown.
  • Possible affected individuals should be tracked and investigated proactively.
  • There should be more up-to-date official information regarding active cases, and the ability for citizens to voice their concerns

Actions taken so far:

Contact with Public Health with the current petition numbers, request, reasoning. They will be in contact very soon with the next steps.

Investigation into active asymptomatic transmission cases with direct contact with the German Ministry of Health, and original journal of publication and researchers. A WHO Annex 2 information request.

Media outlets are being contacted to start creating press to put pressure.

Updated sources (SARS/flu comparison stats, active asymptomatic transmission investigation) and other information: