Coronavirus, and What Next? Big Corporations, Get Out of China!

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The Problem - Wet Markets Caused Coronavirus

Wet markets are breeding grounds for radically evolving viruses, and mega-power China, with its 1.4 billion inhabitants, operates the largest number of wet markets in the world. The city of Wuhan in China gave birth to Coronavirus, setting the pathogenic killer loose around the globe. Coronavirus has infested the lungs of humanity and brought the world economy to its knees.

  • Wet markets are called wet markets because they're sodden with water, blood, urine, feces and other animal secretions and organ parts. The same hands that slaughter animals in wet markets frequently exchange money with buyers.
  • Also called “wildlife markets”, wet markets cage, torture, slaughter, and sell a variety of animal species, from more exotic animals like pangolins and snakes, to companion animals, like dogs and cats, to farm animals, such as chickens and pigs, all under barbaric and unsanitary conditions. In one stall, live slaughter takes place, and fresh fruit and vegetables may be sold just a few feet away.
  • Especially those with live-animal trade, wet markets provide ideal conditions for viral mutations, a process through which animal-attacking viruses morph into human-attacking viruses.

Emporiums of animal terror and cruelty and cesspits of toxicity, wet markets trading live animals are especially dangerous to public health, because they fail to adhere to standardized sanitary and health inspection processes. As such, wet markets have become the source of highly contagious outbreaks of novel, killer diseases, for which humans lack natural immunity.

The Worst Culprit, China

Wet markets aren't unique to China, but China is the worst culprit, evidenced by history. South Central China is a noted “mixing vessel” for viruses, Dr. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, told PBS in 2016. From the Asian Flu (H2N2) in 1956, to Avian Influenza (H5) in 2001, and SARS and in 2002, China is the source of most outbreaks, causing epidemics and pandemics of tremendous scale.

Wet markets don’t just sell wild animals. They also sell farm animals and companion animals, such as dogs, cats, cows, pigs and rabbits, to name a few.  Animals spread disease in wet markets, including salmonella and E. coli. Thanks to China’s prolific wet markets, killer Coronavirus came to be, spreading like wildfire around the globe and settling into the respiratory airways of the word's population. 

Isn’t it time for China to stop playing with the world on the end of string? 

Why Should Foreign Companies Get Out of China?

Money talks. Given China’s proclivity for breeding killer viruses, foreign companies should get out of China, or risk continued consumer boycott. Does it make sense that corporations, large and small, run and profit from operationing in China, also bolstering the Chinese economy? Why should global corporations contribute to China’s profitability while China unleashes global destruction?

Samsung and several large corporations have successfully moved operations out of China. Why shouldn’t other companies follow suit?

Despite past pandemics, such as SARs, Avian Flu, and H2N2, China continues to flout all social and economic responsibility, operating thousands of live-animal wet markets at full capacity.

What new killer virus will China dish up next?

It’s time to stop China, and the only way is by placing economic pressure on China to ban live-animal trade in wet markets.

Starting with Large US Corporations

By signing this petition, supporters strongly urge large corporations worldwide to move out of China and vow to boycott the following iconic US companies until they do so:

Ford, Chevrolet, Dell, General Motors, Nike, Converse, Levi's, Samsonite, Fisher Price, Barbie

With this pledge, supporters vow to continue to boycott these companies until they remove all operations from China.

Knock-On Effects

Because live-animal trade in Chinese wet markets is the cause of the current global health and economic crisis due to Coronavirus, China must ban all live-animal slaughter and sale at wet markets, fully enforcing the ban across the country. As China realizes that large corporations are closing operations due to live-animal trade at wet markets, it will find it increasingly costly to allow live animal trade in wet markets to continue.

Supporter Pledge

By signing this petition, I pledge to stop buying from the following US companies, which have sizable operations in China, until they move their operations elsewhere:

Ford, Chevrolet, Dell, General Motors, Nike, Converse, Levi's, Samsonite, Fisher Price, Barbie

I also pledge to boycott any other companies of my choosing that have operations in China, including US and non-US companies.

My signatures is my voice to say, "Stop the viruses! Now is the time for large companies to get out of China!"

How Does this Petition Influence Decision Makers?

Signature batches from this petition will be delivered to the CEO or delegate of each of the above-named companies on a periodic basis, to demand that they move their operations out of China. Only when supporters have proof that above-listed companies no longer hold operations in China will supporters end their boycott and this petition closed.

What Else Can You Do?

  • Share this petition on your social media sites, such as Facebook pages and groups, Instagram, and Twitter – urge others to sign and share this petition.
  • Send a boycott letter to the CEOs of the target companies. Tell them you won't buy until they get out of China!
  • Call CEOs and demand they move operations out of China due to the risk posed by live-animal trade in wet markets.

Thank you for signing this petition and pledging to boycott large corporations, and thank you for sharing this petition widely!

All our best,

Nami Kim, Save Korean Dogs, and Jenny Wilkins

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