Return Parking Permits to Coronado Residents on Alameda to E from 1st to 6th.

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The Coronado Resident Parking Permit Program was designed to protect residents from cars and trucks being left outside of the North Island Navy Base perimeter.  Many of the houses on Alameda between 1st and 6th street do not have driveways and have small garages.  Residents in this area depend upon the streets in front of their houses to have safe and necessary access to their homes.  The base has added appx 300 parking spots between 3rd and 4th street, but none of these spots allow overnight parking. Most of the spots only allow for 30 minutes of parking for official business at Pass and Tag, and the remaining spots are only from 5AM - 9PM and are tow away after hours.  This is the closest parking available to the pedestrian entrance on 4th and Alameda.  On 1st and Alameda, the base has appx 70 parking spots that are 24hour parking spots with signs indicating vehicles will be towed after the 24 hour period is up.  These 70 spots are the only overnight parking spots that are provided by the North Island Navy Base offsite and it is 4 blocks from the main 24 hour pedestrian entrance.  The City Council cited this parking availability as the reason to remove the Permitted Parking in our city saying there was no longer any need as the military had added off base parking spots.  When questioned, there was no answer to how removing the permitted parking program would benefit the residents, the voters and the property tax paying residents of Coronado.

With the permitted parking signs removed, the street in front of our homes are now the best option for anyone wishing to enter the base via foot as Coronado allows for 72 hour parking on residential streets.  Since the removal of the signs, parking has become limited and there are numerous cars and trucks that are routinely left on Alameda reducing the availability and safe access for residents to their homes.  Additionally, commercial businesses are using the residential parking to advertise to the traffic coming to and from the base and blocking out residents.

Currently, the city council is conducting a study of how the removal of the parking permit signs has affected our area.  By signing this petition you are telling the city council that the removal of the signs has negatively affected our quality of life and the reduced our ability to safely park our cars near our homes.  We ask that the city vote to re-instate the permitted parking on Alameda to E street from 1st street to 6th.  This will provide a buffer layer of protection for our residents who now find themselves without a safe and efficient way to access their homes.

To be clear, this is not a Navy vs Coronado issue in any way.  Rather the issue is why did the city remove a system that protected it's residents and one that made living next to a military installation much easier.  Those of us that live on Alameda between 1st and 6th already deal with the intense traffic created by workers and sailors commuting to and from the base, the last thing we need is to struggle to find a place to park when we finally get to our house.  We need to have the parking permit program reinstated immediately!

If the city allows the permitted parking system to go away, we will never have a chance to reinstate it due to strict guidelines under the California Coastal Commission.  This is our only chance to bring back the peace to the neighborhood.

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