Fire Ban Cornwall Ontario Canada

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On September 9th 2019 Council (and Mayor) Decided to Ban Outdoor Wood Burning fire pits.
 In a vote of 8-3 at their meeting on Monday, the decision was made that, unless you currently have (or purchase within the next 2 weeks) a permit, then you will no longer be allowed said fires. 

With The Fire Chief himself saying that open air wood fires had not resulted in any damage to buildings he did recommended that the by-law allowing open air burn permits be repealed an replaced with ones that only allowed fuel based open air fires.

As much as Yes, it is affordable to purchase these propane units; with no damage on record, this is more of an issue with BYLAW then it is with the fire dept. 

Lets Not Allow the voice of FEW to affect the voice of MAJORITY.

Sign the Petition and lets show The Mayor and Council that we, The Tax Paying At Large want open fires within the City Limits.