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Cedar Crest started this petition to CORNWALL LEBANON SCHOOL DISTRICT

As an anonymous alumni of Cornwall Lebanon School District, I have created this petition to become a common standing ground for many current students to agree with the lack of privacy & unsafe learning environments. 

Have you ever walked down the hallways of the high school and had to dodge the many obstacles in your way? Whether its trash cans placed in the hall to catch water when it rains, WATER on the floors, ceiling tiles, which I'm sure have mold in the select few that haven't fallen yet. This all going on while students are freezing in their classrooms because they can't properly heat the rooms. 

We all know about the brown and yellow water spewing from the faucets which CLSD claims to be safe for students to use. However, this continuously remains unresolved despite the many complaints and requests for this to be even addressed. 

CLSD also has allowed students to use the restrooms without doors and locks on the bathroom stalls which robs students of privacy in a very personal environment. I am pretty sure there are prisoners with more privacy than this. Rather than using excuses that "the students destroyed property and now they have to deal with it," maybe address this issue because I know for a fact it's been that way since I was a freshman over 8 years ago. 

Not to mention a dress code that promotes rape culture and allows young and impressionable women to feel as though they should have to hide themselves because "they are distracting to boys and staff." You are allowing young men to take notice that their urges are prioritized over the comfort and personal style of young women, aiding to the continuation of inequality of genders. Many of the dress code violations I have seen through the years are very unreasonable and make young women feel shameful and embarrassed and taught that their education is yet again second to a mans. 

Young women being called into a male administrator's office should be required by protocol to be accompanied with a female staff member, not a second male staff member. This allows for female students to feel SAFE and able to speak freely rather than being intimidated and cornered. 

This is not to bash the school but this is meant to provide a space for issues that have gone unaddressed to be taken seriously. Students coming to administration and voicing their concerns clearly hasn't been taken seriously. 

Please share & sign to help give a voice to CLSD students & type in the comments your personal experiences. Students shouldn't feel unsafe in a place that should be a safe space. This is a call for students to be heard, for issues at least to be addressed rather than ignored. 

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