Cornwall Council: "Save United Downs Raceway"

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The United Downs Raceway is scheduled to close in 2021.

Sixty years after it was originally a Go Kart track, and more than fifty years after it first staged Stock Car racing, Cornwall Council want it to close.

It is going to be replaced by a rum cask maturation biome, geothermal energy centre; visitor centre including ancillary shop and café, and a bar. The is the first phase of a process which aims to progress on to a Distillery and further development of the site in the years ahead.

After more than sixty years of Stock Car racing in Cornwall, the county will no longer have a circuit. Cornwall has been the breeding ground for Stock Car World Champions such as Johnny Marquand, Dave Brown, Colin Higman and Billy Batten. Former Banger World Champion Dave Spooner

Are Cornwall Council prepared to be the governing authority that oversaw the death of Stock Car racing in the county?

Friends and family in the short oval racing circuit community - make your voice heard. By signing this petition, you are supporting the stance that the United Downs Raceway must remain a venue for motor sports.