Union Jack Flags and St Piran flags to be flown on our Penzance promenade flagpoles.

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18 Union Jack flags were erected on the new flag poles along the Penzance promenade on New Years Eve marking the celebration and independence of leaving the European Union.   Hundreds and hundreds of people went on to share photos, selfies and supportive comments enjoying the flags and showing we are proud to be British. Shared around the country and on our local Cornwall live.

However the local Mayor wasn’t happy despite the public and local councillors liking them. Many took to social media expressing their disgust and disrespect for the Mayor wanting to remove them.

They were removed in the dark on the evening of 2nd January by 3 white vans very quickly. We appreciate the Mayor said they were put up without the correct  permission, so this is the start of getting permission. We would therefore like the public support first. 

we would like to start a petition to get them put back up again with the St Pirans flag in an alternate style to show the respect for both flags, and unite us. We would like your support to do this. 

we should be proud of where we live. Hopefully more towns and cities will follow. 

Please sign and share.