Cornwall Council Help save lives with Average speed cameras on A39 Falmouth to Truro Road

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Cornwall Council Help save lives with Average speed cameras on A39 Falmouth to Truro Road

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Stephenie Hardman started this petition to cornwall council

The A39 between Truro and Falmouth, is a road I drive very regularly. It has been dubbed a "death road" by a coroner, and has been at the centre of calls for safety improvements for years.

Graham Brown, chairman of Perranarworthal Parish Council, which the A39 cuts through, said any incidents on the road had an impact on the whole community.

"Obviously we are all very upset any time there is an accident on the A39," he said.

"I believe it is one of the highest used A-roads in the county and because of some of the historical problems with accidents there has been a lot of money spent to improve it.

"We all hope that would work and there wouldn't be any more accidents but unfortunately that hasn't happened."

The high number of casualties on the road every year prompted some members of Falmouth Town Council to call for speed cameras on the A39.

A spokesman for Brake, the road safety charity, said they were an effective way to cut speed and therefore fatalities.

"Speed remains one of the biggest killers on our roads – it is a factor in over a quarter of fatal crashes in the UK," he said.

"Speed cameras are a well evidenced, cost effective method of reducing speeding and casualties on the roads on which they are sited, and Brake fully supports their use."

It has been a year since work was completed to improve the safety of a stretch of the A39 dubbed a “death road” and nothing seems to have changed it feels like almost monthly their is another accident on this stretch of road.

Cornwall Council has said the work seems to have had a positive effect, with just one minor injury, but said further time will be required to establish the long-term performance of the scheme. And over time more and more people are dieing and family's effected.

 The removal of the middle lane between Treluswell and Perranarworthal and installing new drains to tackle surface water was seen by Cornwall Council as the best way forward.

With deaths in this stretch mounting Up it actually terrifies me to drive this stretch of road Home and I avoid it at all costs.

I'm putting forward a petition to have 40mph average speed cameras put into place from The end of the 30mph section by the Norway inn all the way to Falmouth Treluswell Roundabout. I believe this will lower everyone's speed consistently along this stretch of road and truly believe this will have the Best results in stopping accidents on this death road. 

Please help me show Cornwall Council that locals are done with having people dieing on this stretch. One speed camera is not going to stop people speeding the entire stretch of this road average speed cameras WILL consistently ensure this road is driven safer by everyone at all times Day and Night.

Please help me Save lives by signing and sharing this petition and get the speed reduced by just 20pmh with average speed cameras. I truly believe this WILL have a massive impact on the death toll this road is currently racking up.

Thank you.

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This petition had 705 supporters

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