Affordable Rental Properties for the Young People of Falmouth

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My boyfriend and I started looking for a place to rent in Falmouth at first glance there appeared to be a lot of choice, unfortunately when we enquired further there seemed to be a very large proportion that were restricted to students only and the landlords were not willing to consider us despite us both having full time jobs and being more capable of paying the same rent as a student, whilst we appreciate that we would have to pay council tax on top of this, as students don’t, we were more than happy to pay this. We found that the only properties available to us to rent were either very dodgy, run down or way out of our price range. We are now living in a small attic flat and paying more than an average student would pay and have seen a large development of student accommodation being built in the area and a further development is under construction. These are modern, spacious and relatively luxurious but unfortunately not available for young local people.

We feel that this is a very unfair situation and that developers of these properties should be forced to allocate at least 25% of these developments to local working people, possibly up to a certain age, this would give young local couples or singles the opportunity to obtain a decent standard of accommodation at a reasonable price and in addition would help integrate the transient student population with the locals.

I feel sure that this situation is not restricted to just Falmouth but will probably occur in many other university towns and city’s. I’m not sure whether this would require a change of policy of the national government or local government but would appeal for advice and supportive signatures to put my case forward in helping us achieve this.